Customer Relations Procedure

Customer will be provided with a written estimate before work commences, to be valid for (30) thirty days if the customer does not agree to go ahead with the repair immediately.
The WCA member may elect to charge a fee for an exact quote or estimate, should the timepiece show signs of rust, bad workmanship etc.,
  • Customers will be advised of any increase in the cost of work (over 10%) before the work is completed and will not be liable for any increase in price not notified or agreed in writing.
  • WCA members may elect to take a deposit on any work especially in cases where the cost of the repair could exceed the value of the timepiece.
  • Customers will be advised of completion date on all work once the go-ahead has been given. The customer will be advised once the work is actually completed.
  • WCA members will complete the service within (3) three weeks after go-ahead unless work cannot be completed due to external factors e.g. Availability of replacement parts or contracted work. (Case or dial repair).
  • WCA members will advise customers of any delay in completion of the repair due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • WCA members will return work in the same state of completeness/assembly as when received if any quote/estimate is not accepted or cannot be completed to WCA standards. No responsibility will be taken if the estimate/quote requires disassembly. In cases where the watch may be badly rust affected it is WCA member’s responsibility to inform the customer that it may not be possible to return the piece in the same condition if the customer elects not to proceed with a repair.
  • WCA members may elect not to complete or undertake a service procedure on a clock or watch if:- – The watch (movement or case), is corroded or damaged to such an extent that the performance of the timepiece will be impaired. -Original or suitable replacement parts cannot be obtained. -The case of the watch is in such a condition that it no longer protects the movement or module as originally intended. -The design or quality of the watch or clock prevents work from being completed to WCA standards. -Water- resistant watches will not be guaranteed if the customer has specifically requested that the testing not be done at the time of the original service. In this instance WCA member may elect to ask the customer to sign a disclaimer.
  • WCA members may elect not to replace batteries in water-resistant watches if the customer declines to have the watch tested for water resistance. If the member replaces the battery under these circumstances no warranty will be offered and the member may ask the customer to sign a disclaimer.
  • WCA members will adhere to WCA’s Code of Ethics in all business dealings.
WCA members will warrant all service work for a period of (12) twelve months from date of completion of work (not date of collection of repair). This warranty will not cover the replacement of components or damage caused by misuse. There is no warranty on partial repairs e.g., re-fitting hands, glasses, crowns etc.
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